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Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion


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Now, I'm going to Rachel's Vineyard monthly support meetings and meeting other women like myself.




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Saint James, MO
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Nancy Hall
Taking Off the Mask
"I hid behind a mask for years...But underneath my mask I was overcome with guilt, shame, condemnation, and grief.  The pain of aborting my little girl at age 17 left me with an emptiness that I tried to fill by giving to my church, family, and my work."
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Welcome to Central Missouri’s Silent No More Awareness Campaign (SNMA).  I have just recently accepted the assignment of Regional Coordinator for Central Missouri.

Our goal is to provide a Biblically-grounded, safe place for those who need healing from abortion, a place for all to grow in Christ, to serve and to be a unified voice bringing awareness to the devastation abortion causes us, our families, churches, and society.
First, let me say that I am honored and humbled to be serving in this campaign.  I am always at awe of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  He has a way of putting us right where He needs us.

I have proudly accepted His calling to serve you in your road to recovery.  Healing is a journey.  On my healing journey I learned to forgive as Jesus forgave me of the sin I committed.  I understood for the first time what grace truly was and why Jesus took those stripes on Calvary.  It was for the healing of every woman that has experienced the guilt, shame, condemnation, and most of all, the grief of losing a child through abortion.  I no longer have to hide behind a mask.  I am free to be silent no more about the pain that abortion left in my life. You can give a voice to your pain by becoming silent no more.  It was through a Surrendering the Secret class that I learned that God forgave me and now I am no longer under condemnation.  (Romans 8:1-2).

My desire is to reach out and help bring healing to women who have had abortions by enabling them to break the chains of silence.  I want to share resources about after-care programs available so you can begin your healing journey from abortion.  Contact me today to begin your journey to forgiveness, freedom from guilt and condemnation, and healing.   If I can be of help to you or anyone you know in pain after abortion, contact me by email or by phone. 

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