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Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion


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The knowledge that others have gone through the same pain; that they have come forward; the "sisterhood" of the abortion experience; that this is perhaps a good place for me to share my dreadful secret and then take the next steps to healing.




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Francis Never Had A Chance
Frank and Christine
Pennsylvania, United States

My name is Christine and my husband is Frank. Eighteen years ago, Frank and I had intimate relations for the first time.  At that time, Planned Parenthood clinics were everywhere handing out contraceptives and after being on the pill for awhile, I decided to try the sponge method—suddenly I became pregnant.  At this time of my life I was living on my own and working and keeping an apartment alone; I was about 22 or 23.

Becoming pregnant was scary at first, but then I was happy—thinking Frank would be, too.  Frank had been divorced and had a seven-year-old son. Would he be happy? Well. Frank was troubled with the news and suggested an abortion. People I knew had them, but I never really quite understood what an abortion was.

I felt alone, scared, uninformed as I called the abortion clinic number in the phone book, after speaking with Frank again. Pregnancy and when life begins was confusing for me and more so after visiting an abortion clinic.  I was never informed about the life within me—how small and alive it really was.  I was just being shuffled from one counselor to another about how easy the procedure of abortion was and how it would be done today within minutes.

At this time I was angry with Frank for not supporting me, scared to death, and feeling how unsympathetic everyone was for my situation—like it was just another day.

A pro-life person approached me outside the clinic (and had I not been so brainwashed and so uninformed from abortion counselors, Planned Parenthood and people I thought were friends) there was help and alternate decisions that were available to me, but I felt rushed into getting this abortion—I went along with the wishes of everyone, including the biggest one, that I was about to make. I was not giving my baby a chance or a thought.

Feeling alone, confused, angry, I consented to the procedure—minutes before the procedure, my boyfriend/husband burst in to tell me to not go through with it—by this time, I had convinced myself to do it—and went through with it.

Afterward, I felt nothing but emptiness, shame and remorse—the unforgettable remorse and, some 20 years later, remorse still.

My husband and I sought reconciliation immediately after through a local church and priest, but life will never be the same—we made the worst decision as a young couple in not ever thinking of our unborn child and the teachings of Christ. 

To this day we often have problems with intimacy, but we ask the Lord for forgiveness and pray for the end of abortion and the overturn of Roe Vs Wade. And we pray for conversions of all abortionists and personnel who support this legal crime.

I would like to dedicate myself to the Silent No More Campaign so no one ever has to make the choice of abortion.

I think around the same time I had my abortion, an acquaintance of mine needed a ride to the abortion clinic. I told her not to go through with it—she insisted and insisted that I take her to the clinic—she panicked, and so did I. While driving her there, I prayed for her to change her mind. To this day, I had wished that I never drove her to the place and assisted her in her wishes.


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