Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion

Bulletin Inserts

Below are the paragraphs that can be inserted into the text of church bulletins to help bring awareness to the important matters raised by the Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion Initiative.

Longtime country music singer Kenny Rogers has a song called “Water and Bridges,” which highlights a father's pain after losing a child to abortion. Rogers told CNN that the song is not about him, but is "really about choices you make when you're young that you pay for when you're old." He goes on to explain, "It starts off with a young couple who have an abortion, and the guy says, 'If a father could hold his son, I could undo what's been done, but I guess everyone is living with water and bridges.'" Counseling and healing is available for any man or woman who has lost a child to abortion. For more information about the pain and the healing, visit www.AbortionShockwaves.com.


As Brad Mattes of Life Issues Institute teaches, men suffer after an abortion takes the life of their child. They respond differently than does the mother of the child, but the experience can be just as devastating. Brad writes in his pamphlet “Men Hurt Too,” “Instinct drives men to achieve success in five key areas of their lives: the ability to procreate, provide, protect, perform and [enjoy] pleasure. An important element motivating men is their desire to procreate. Men provide an essential role in the continuation of the human race. Almost every man, whether he verbalizes it or not, values the idea of having offspring of his own flesh and blood - carrying on the family name or bloodline. Men are also highly programmed to protect their family. This need to protect their offspring should not be underestimated. Society often judges you based on your ability to be successful at procreation, provision, protection, performance and pleasure. If you experience an abortion, these key elements of life may be seriously damaged, or often totally obliterated.” Healing is available for fathers of aborted children. Visit www.AbortionShockwaves.com for more details.


Abortion is not simple a debate about “women s rights.” Men are involved as well, and abortion often happens because the baby’s father wants to avoid responsibility for that child. Morally speaking, the sin of abortion is committed when it is chosen, knowingly and willingly. Many factors mitigate the guilt, but the point here is that the choosing of abortion does not require that one be pregnant. Men choose abortion; men perform abortions. Men are therefore often guilty of the sin of abortion. Being pro-life is in no way to single out women for blame. Being pro-life is about helping men and women alike to have the courage to do what is right, namely, to conceive children only within the bounds of valid marriage, and to protect all children who have been conceived under any circumstances.