Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion

Three Great Resources for Men Who Regret Their Role in an Abortion

Men can view showing emotional vulnerability or asking for help as a sign of weakness. They remain in isolation and silence. Dr Michael Addis reveals how this can be a life threatening problem for men and examine the role of abortion loss in depression and even suicidal thoughts and actions for some men.

Jacob’s Heart

A Father Shares About His Anger and Depression After Abortion. Years Later He Found Forgiveness & Healing, and Wrote A Beautiful Song to Honor His Son.

Healing the Shepherds: How Secret Abortion Loss Can Compromise the Gospel and Hurt Preachers and their Congregations

After preaching at a predominantly white congregation on the topic of living holy lives and avoiding sexual sins, I was approached by a middle age white woman with an interesting question.

A Father Shares His Story of Childhood Suffering, Trauma After Abortion, and the Path to Recovery

Charles shares his moving, painful but in the end redemptive story.

Dancing With Denial: Abortion Rights Advocates Want You To Share Your Abortion Story

A woman who had an abortion interviews her partner, the father of the aborted baby

I Spent Four years of My Life Defending This Country...But I Couldn’t Prevent the Death of My Child

I convinced her that abortion was the right decision. The day of the abortion was the day I died. I felt dead for 14 years.

The Silence of Adam in the Garden of Choice

You have probably heard the creation story from Genesis about Adam and Eve, the snake and the apple.

"God Why Me?"

The Powerful Connection between My Childhood Trauma and Two Abortions – and the Catholic Priest Who Opened the Door to My Recovery and Healing

Straight Talk About a Serious Health Concern for Fathers

All important health care concerns. But this illness often remains hidden because the symptoms lead men to embrace a shame-based silence about their pain.

Skating Around the Truth: An Editor at "The Atlantic" Responds to Man's Letter One Year After An Abortion

As is typical after abortion, the romantic relationship was terminated along with the pregnancy.

The Judas Option: How Self-Sabotage After Abortion Nearly Took My Life

Self Sabotage…You probably don’t think of it as abuse...But it can be the most pernicious form of abuse...It’s abusive to yourself and to those who love you.

Getting Help to Men Hurting After Abortion

Men who have lost a child to abortion can, and do, suffer from emotional fallout.

Wisdom from a Pioneer in Abortion Recovery for Men

Since 1978 Warren Williams has been a student of fatherhood loss and the effects of abortion on men and society.

Jimmy Connors: The Outsider in the Abortion of his Unborn Child

With the release of Tennis pro Jimmy Connors autobiography “The Outsider” in 2014 we learn of an unplanned pregnancy and abortion with women’s tennis champion Chris Evert when they were young sweethearts engaged to be married.

A Prodigal Son Is Called Home to the Father By His Aborted Daughter

James gave permission to share the letter he read to his daughter Angelina and the other retreat participants at the memorial service held on Sunday afternoon.

Men – When She has that Abortion…You May be Signing her Death Certificate

A message from a man who is the father of a child lost to abortion

A Great Musical Healing Resource for Women and Men Hurting After Abortion

Here’s a great resource for those ministering to men and women hurting after abortion, and for those who have suffered this loss.

The Daily Mail UK: Abortion and the Men Haunted by Regret

Guilt will be greater if the man was the driving force in the abortion

"You Have Your Whole Life Ahead of You…You Should Get an Abortion."

If I’d only known then what I know now. Father’s Day has such a different meaning to me now at 60 than it did at 20.

The Sins of the Father: The Role of an Abusive Tyrannical Patriarch in the Legalization of Abortion in the United States

The father of the late abortion pioneer and physician Bernard Nathanson played a key role in the legalization and promotion of abortion in the United States.

Louis CK On the High Price of Technology Addiction

Many miles away Something crawls to the surface Of a dark Scottish lake – Synchronicity II, Sting

Rejected Blessing: The Role of Olympic Medalist Sanya Richards-Ross’s Fiancé in Her 2008 Abortion Decision

Five-time Olympic medalist Sanya Richards-Ross reveals in a new memoir “Chasing Grace” that she had an abortion just weeks before sprinting in the 2008 Summer Olympic Games — a decision she says cost her more than a gold medal.

The Restoration of Fathers in Abortion Recovery

The inmates I interviewed (many of them lifers for serious crimes) taught me how their abortion story fit into the wider journey of their tumultuous lives.

Men have abortions, too

Today, because of Judah, I know. I know that kids don't ruin dreams, they fulfill them.

Man and Woman He Created Us: The Mystery of the Body as a House of Justice

Winston Churchill Enters the Deep and Murky Waters of Male Grief and Loss

If you are a fan of compelling stories set in a fascinating historical period, excellent acting, with no expense spared for costume and sets - then take a look at The Crown.

Through a Mirror Dimly: Pro-Choice Men and Abortion Grief

...from the very beginning, we learn that Hugo desperately wanted to parent the baby.

Fr Stephen Imbarrato Preaches on Abortion…and It Gets Really Personal

Fr Stephen shares his own experience, years before studying for the priesthood, when he and his girlfriend faced an unplanned pregnancy.

A Father's Day Card from Heaven

As we celebrate this upcoming Father’s day, men with young children will receive those priceless home-made gifts and all of us will take a day to honor and celebrate our fathers – those living and those now with the Lord. But some men will also be reminded that there is a child missing from their celebration…a Father’s day card that will never be written. Men without living children may not publicly celebrate Father’s Day, but they too are fathers of their unborn children lost to abortion...MORE

Exhale After Abortion Groups: Emasculation by Reproductive Choice

Two articles on men and abortion loss from The Atlantic and Fox News explore the topic from a fundamentally different perspective. This provides an excellent opportunity to explore some important issues they raise (especially the Atlantic piece) around the concept of “reproductive choice”; the roles and responsibilities of men in abortion decisions; and pro-choice post abortion groups for men like Exhale...MORE

Emotional Castration

From the September 12, 2014 edition of the Telegraph comes a clear and compelling presentation on the experience of a man facing an unplanned pregnancy who is trying to prevent the child’s abortion. It speaks volumes about the rights of men in "legal" abortions and the trauma men can experience...MORE

Finding healing after abortion: one man's journey

Catholic News Agency Publishes a prisoner’s story of how his abortion led to violent crime and incarceration...MORE

They Had a Dream: The Legacy of Granddaddy King – Father of Martin Luther King

“Kevin has been a source of insight regarding the impact of and connection to abortion and the role of the father figure in the life of a little girl who grows up to become a mother. I hope that his blog will bless many with the same insight with which Kevin has blessed me.” – Dr. Alveda C. King, Director of African American Outreach for Priests for Life...MORE