Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion

What It Cost Me

"I never rose again my career and the reasons for the abortions fizzled away and left me with the simple realization that I had committed murder against one of God's beautiful children - my children. God is a forgiving God and he has freed me of the guilt. But he is also a just God. He showed me clearly the severity of what I did and what it cost me."...MORE


Complicit by Silence

"Today I would do anything, I would give up anything to have that choice back; to have had the courage to say, "No." Instead, I said nothing. I was afraid, and timid, complicit by my silence."...MORE


Being a Hero

"I write this to you, young man, so you don’t make the same tragic mistake I made. I am silent no more because I don’t want you to throw away what is truly precious in life."...MORE


The Apology

This video is about three men who have had an abortion and share their story of healing. Bless those you love by sharing this grace filled video...MORE