Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion
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Before He Became a Priest He Pushed His Girlfriend Into an Abortion. Now He’s Found Forgiveness

He said, “In the 1970s, long before I became a priest, I encouraged my girlfriend to have an abortion. Guilt followed almost immediately as did the confession of our sin to a priest. Our healing came much more slowly and we eventually parted ways...MORE

17-year-old dad: 'My life fell apart' after my girlfriend had an abortion without my knowledge

Checksfield went as far as to call the police to help him get in touch with his girlfriend.“[The police] came back and told me that they can’t tell me about the abortion, but our relationship was over and they would file a restraining order if I tried getting in contact with [my girlfriend],” said Checksfield. “After that my life fell apart. I locked myself in, refused to speak to any of my close friends and family, and then I started self-harming.” Checksfield has struggled with nightmares about his baby and the abortion. He saw a doctor who prescribed anxiety and sleeping pills...MORE